Unit 10 Forests and land 同步练习

What is the purpose of the author in writing this passage?

A. Legs become weaker~

B. Modern means of transportation make the world a small place..

C. There is no need to use eyes.

D. The best way to travel is on foot.

通过最后一段The traveler on foot,on the other hand,lives constantly in the present.For him traveling and arriving are one and the same thing:he arrives somewhere with every step he makes…the just reward of all true travelers.再联系前面几段话,可以推断作者写文章的目的——走路是旅行的最佳方式。

—It’s said that you have moved into a new house.

—Yeah, and we need to buy some __________ in the mall nearby.

A. food B. furniture C. hamburger


, you need to give all you have and try your best.

A. Being a winner B. To buy a winner

C. Be a winner D. Having been a winner




Every country has its own way of cooking. American people have their way of cooking,don’t they?

Most people in the United States like fast food. But if you think that American people don’t like cooking, you are not right. It’s true that most Americans take fast food as their breakfast and lunch. But they also think cooking is interesting. Parents see the importance of teaching their daughters how to cook. And most Americans say that home cooked meal is the best.Americans have their own way of cooking. For example, baking(烘烤) is the most popu’lar way of cooking in America. We can see ovens in most American families. American cooks. pay attention to the balance of food. In planning a big meal, they try to cook meat, a few vege’ tables, some bread and often some sweet food.They also like to make the meal look beautiful.There are many kinds of food in different colors on the plate, so the meal is healthy and looks beautiful, too.

( )21.Most Americans ________.

A. don't like cooking

B. cook food in the morning

C. like home cooked meal



The undersea world is very beautiful. Now more and more people want to dive in the water to find the secrets there. Scuba diving is a new sport today. It can take you into a wonder-ful undersea world.

You will find many strange animals in the sea. Some are as large as a school bus. Many sea animals give out light in the dark and some have sharp teeth.During the day, there is enough light. Here, under the sea, everything is blue and green.When fish swim nearby, you can catch them with your hands. When you have bottles of air on your back, you can stay in deep water for a long time. However, you can-t dive too deep. And you must be very careful when you dive in deep water.The deep sea is not an easy place to live in. It-s cold, and it,s dark, too. The deeper it is, the less sunlight there is. At about 3,000 feet, there is no light at all. It is very dark in the sea. Many fishes have no eyes. Some have big eyes. A few have eyes on one side. Besides the cold and the darkness, deep-sea animals face a third danger-other animals.

Animals eat! They must find food to eat. Many animals eat plants. However, some am-mals eat meat. This means these sea animals have two big jobs. They need to find animals as food, and they have to try not to become other animals' meal.

( )21. Why do people want to dive in the sea? Because ________ .

A.they want to catch fish

B. they want to find the secrets of the undersea world

C. the sea is deep

D, there are all kinds of plants in the sea


We are here to /prvad/ the public with service.There is a big /hl/ in that tree.The /nsekt/ on the ground is very beautiful.I think they need to buy some new /fnt/.These small animals need food and /elt/.Choose the best answer. (选择题)(共 12 分)()1. Lets make display board about this topic.A. aB. anC. theD. /()2. We can use wood many useful things.A. makeB. to makeC. makingD. to making()3. Forests provide shelter and food birds,animals and insects.A. withB. forC. onD. to()4. People in this area usually cook food wood.A. withB. toC.ofD. for()5. We can get oil, metal and clay the ground.A. withB. fromC. ofD. to()6. of years ago, the Stone Age people ate raw meat.A, Two millionB, MillionsC, Two millionsD, million()7. Look! The apples that tree look very nice.A. onB. atC. toD. in()8. In the past, we trees to make paper and chopsticks.A. looked atB. thought aboutC. left forD. cut down()9.They use water .A, to drinkingB, drinksC, to drinkD, drink()10. It took me half an hour the work.A, finishingB, to finishC, finishesD, finish()11. Their parents arrived Shanghai on April 1st.A, inB, atC, toD, on()12. Mr Ling will teach maths this term.A, ourB, usC, weD, oursComplete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.(用单词正确形式填空)(10 分)Peter lives on the floor. He lives above me. (nine)I would like to be a when I grow up. (fish)We will have two and a soup for dinner tonight. (dish)Birds are happily in the forest. (sing)My parents are both . (farm)Mr Li asked us to write something about (forest).They the house in the early 19th century. (build)Could you give me some about studying abroad? (information)People in some cook food with wood. (country) , flowers and fruit are their food.(leaf)Rewrite the following sentences as required(改写句子)(共 14 分)The cooked meat tasted nice. (划线提问) the cooked meat taste?She cooked with electricity yesterday. (划线提问) she cook with yesterday?3.I have got two aunts in Beijing. (划线提问) aunts have you got in Beijing?Firemen fought the fire for 10 hours. (划线提问) did firemen fight the fire?It is a beautiful flower. (感叹句) beautiful flower it is!A wood is big. But a forest is bigger. (同义句) A forest is a wood.small animals, trees,in the hollow of , and insects, build their homes.(连成一句)Choose the best answer.One day, a man is driving in the countryside to go back home to visit his parents. His car is an expensive one and it runs fast.At a crossing, the man sees a chicken running in front of him. He raises the cars speed to 80 m/h, but the chicken is still running in front of him! Then the man finds out t、hat the chicken has three legs! He follows the chicken to a farm, and finds many chickens with three legs there.On the farm, the man sees a farmer feeding (喂养) the chickens. He asks the farmer, “Hello! Why do the chickens here have three legs?”The farmers says, “Well, people like eating chicken legs、. So I make one hundred chickens with three legs.” The man is excited and asks, “Do they taste good?”“I dont know,” the farmer says. “No one can catch them. They run too fast!”() 1. The man wants to visit that day.A. his friendsB. his cousinsC. his parentsD. his classmates() 2. The underlined word “

_____ , you need to give all you have and try your best.

A.Being a winner

B.To buy a winner

C.Be a winner

D.Having been a winner


Do you know how to study better and make your study more effective(有效率的)? We all know that Chinese students usually study very hard for long (11) .This is very good,but it doesn't (12)a lot,for an efficient student must have enough sleep,enough food and enough rest and exercise. Every day you need to go out for a walk or visit some friends or some places. lt' s good for your study.

When you return (13) your study,your mind will be refreshed and you'll learn more (14) study better. Psychologists(心理学家)(15) that learning takes place this way. Here takes English learning (16) example. First you make a lot of progress and you feel happy. Then your language study seems (17) the same,so you will think you're learning (18) and you may give up. This can last for days or even weeks,yet you needn't give up. At some points your language study will again take another big (19) . You will see that you really have been: learning all long. lf you get enough sleep,food,rest and exercise,studying English can be very. effective and (20) Don-t give up along the way learning slowly and you're sure to a

good result.

( )11.






Some warm-blooded animals ______ hibernate.

A. need not

B. does not need

C. not need

D. do not need


    11.答案为A  测试need的用法。作情态动词时,具否定形式为need not,后不接to的动词不定式。用作实义动词时,其否定形式为do/does not need等,后接带to的动问不定式。如:Somewarm blooded animals do not need to hibernate

I don't think he ( ) a new watch.

A、needs buy

B、need to buy

C、need buy



Your offer is very attractive. However, the quantity offered is ()satisfy our requirements.

A、so small to

B、too big to

C、very small to

D、far big to


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考题 单选题What do you think of my new dress?()A It's on saleB It's a birthday present for youC You really need oneD It looks very good on you正确答案:A解析:暂无解析

考题 The refrigerator is()we must buy some food.AbareBblankChollowDemptyD略

考题 单选题Ten years ago, smaller companies did not use large computers because _____.A these companies had not enough money to buy such expensive computersB these computers could not do the work that small computers can do todayC these computers did not come onto the marketD these companies did not need to use this new technology正确答案:A解析:根据第一段第二句“Before that time, large computers were only fixed by large, rich companies that could afford the investment.”可知,小公司不用大型电脑是因为其费用太高。

考题 Salesmen do their best to lead people _____ things they do not need.A: buyingB: buyC: who buyD: to buy参考答案:D

考题 资料:Changing careers is becoming more popular. Not just because there are more career options available, but also out of necessity. As new industries arise, others die. It's up to you to figure out if your career is still going to be around in the next 5-10 years. Some studies say we could have as many as nine careers in our professional lifetime. Which begs the question: do you know what it takes to successfully change career lanes repeatedly? Switching careers is like changing highway lanes: you must signal! If you want to move in a new career direction, you need to signal to the professional world you intend to make a change. You need to do it with purpose and specificity. It must look well-thought out and intentional. Otherwise, people will A) not know you are looking to make the change, and B)assume you are doing it because you failed in your current career in some way. 1. Give the logic and passion behind your career change. When signaling to your network you want to switch careers you must explain why both your head and heart are ready to change. Perhaps there are financial or geographic reasons (i.e., you need to relocate or make more money). But, you must also convey the excitement and sincere desire you have for this new career (i.e., you want to make a difference or work on a particular type of problem that needs to be solved). 2. Build a marketing campaign for your business-of-one. Most employers prefer to hire people with previous experience. Thus, you're going to need a way to convey to them your transferable skills from your former career path will be equally valuable. The best way to do this is to create a targeted list of employers you want to work for and then strategically network with their employees. The more conversations and connections you can have within your new career path, the easier it will be to convince someone to hire you in spite of your lack of experience. To sum it up … Once you commit to a career change, the secret to success is to make sure everyone knows about it. Otherwise, you will struggle to change career lanes efficiently and effectively.Which of the following could NOT be a logical reason for career change? A.You want to try something new. B.You want to make a difference and prove yourself. C.You need to make more money to buy a house. D.You need to relocate.答案:A解析:本题考查的是细节理解。 【关键词】not; a logical reason; for career change【主题句】第4自然段 Perhaps there are financial or geographic reasons (i.e., you need to relocate or make more money). But, you must also convey the excitement and sincere desire you have for this new career (i.e., you want to make a difference or work on a particular type of problem that needs to be solved).也许有财务或者地理原因(例如,你需要搬家或者赚更多钱)。但是,你也必须表达你对这个新职业的兴奋和诚挚的渴望(例如,你想做出改变或者解决需要解决的特殊问题。)【解析】题干意为“以下哪一项不是转行的合理原因?” 选项A意为“你想尝试新的东西”;选项B意为“你想有所作为,证明自己”;选项C意为“你需要赚更多的钱买房子”;选项D意为“你需要搬迁”;根据主题句可知,选项B、C、D均有涉及,故选项A符合题意。

考题 You need to choose a routing protocol for a new Testking network. This network will be running IP, IPX, and Appletalk, and you wish to utilize only one routing protocol. Which one would be the best choice?()A、OSPFB、EIGRPC、RIP v2D、IGRPE、RIP v1正确答案:B

考题 根据下列材料请回答 16~30 题:Some years ago,Chinese high school students would show their new schoolbags,new clothes or new pens to their classmates when the new term started.Today,however,all have 16 If you still come back to school 17 0nly these things,you are out—of-date(过时的)。Students in big cities like to bring the latest high.tech things to school,and feel happy and 18 to show off(炫耀)these things to 19 .Mobile phones,MP3 players,CD players,electronic dictionaries,the list is endless.Young people think that.1iving in the 21 st century,they must keep up with the 20 They don't want to fall 21 .Besides,they think 22 they need to keep in touch with their classmates.SO they need mobile phones.They also like to 23 the pop music,SO they need CD players.They explain that, 24 like electronic dictionarjes,these can be 25 in their study, 26 .They think that their parents should understand 27 they want these things-Foreign students will also bring some latest high-tech things when they 28 to school at the beginning of a new term. 29 ,they often use the money which they made by themselves during the holiday to 30 these high—tech things that they want.第 16 题A.changedB.comeC.joinedD.stopped正确答案:A此句为现在完成时态,通过转折连词,容易推断句意为“如今,一切都已改变”.A项正确。

考题 Passage 2 The food we eat seems to have profound effects on our health. Although science has made enormous steps in making food more fit to eat, it has, at the same time, made many foods unfit to eat. some research has shown that perhaps eighty percent of all human illness are related to diet and forty percent of cancer is related to the diet as well, especially cancer of the colon. Different cultures are more prone to contract certain illness because of the food that is characteristic in these cultures. That food related to illness is not a new discovery. In 1945, government researchers realized that nitrates and nitrites, commonly used to preserve color in meats, and other food additives, caused cancer. Yet, these carcinogenic additives remain in our food, and it becomes more difficult all the time to know which things on the packaging labels of processed food are helpful or harmful. The additives which we eat are not all so direct. Farmers often give penicillin to beef and poultry, and because of this, penicillin has been found in the milk of treated cow. Sometimes similar drugs are administered to animals not for medicinal purposes, but for financial reasons. The farmers are simply trying to fatten the animals in order to obtain a higher price on the market. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tried repeatedly to control these procedures, the practices continue.Why do farmers give drugs to their animals? A. To speed up the growth of animals. B. To make the animals fatter. C. To make the animals' meat fit to eat. D. To make the animals' meat rich in nutrients.答案:B解析:

考题 单选题Some people like to ______ a small sum of money in case of urgent need.A deal withB use upC set asideD take off正确答案:D解析:

考题 单选题We need some toothpaste.()A Let's go to the bookstore.B Let's get some.C Let's buy them.D Let's go. 正确答案:B解析:暂无解析