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27. Jack didn't like to ________ when he was a student.

A. write compositions

B. do his homework

C. do the housework

D.learn science or biology


Defending the Theory of Evolution Still Seems Needed

Judith S. Weis, a biology professor who serves as president of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) is leading a nationwide effort to "defend" the theory of evolution. Weis leads the effort in the face of what the institute views as opposition and indifference from school boards and government entities.

The Institute believes that the teaching of evolution in America is being diminished by the teaching of creationism as well as by an overall lack of teaching Darwin's theory in high school. "There's nothing that requires schools to teach evolution. Sometimes teachers in high schools just leave it out. However from the point of view of biologists, evolution is the central theory of biology upon which everything is based," said Weis. "Unfortunately, teaching evolution has become a political issue in many parts of the country and AIBS, as a representative of biologists, wanted to be a major force speaking out in favor of its teaching. "

Weis said the institute is working together with the American Geological Institute and the National Association of Biology Teachers and its 80-plus member organizations to address" the political and legislative threats to teaching evolution. In states challenging its teaching, the institute responds by sending letters to school boards and state legislatures, by providing testimony at public meetings and by notifying members and affiliated organizations. AIBS, with more than 80 member societies and 250,000 members, has established an email system enabling scientists and teachers in each state, and member societies, to keep each other informed about threats to the teaching of evolution.

Darwin's theory of evolution holds that living things change and adapt to their environment and that present-day species ( including human beings) are descended from earlier species through modification by natural selection. The theory has been accepted by scientists for nearly 100 years, Weis said, and has been refined, extended and strengthened over the years by findings in paleontology and developmental biology. Discoveries in genetics, molecular biology and genomics—all of which provide significant benefits for human health—would not be possible without the underlying knowledge of evolution. And, Weis adds, "modem molecular biology and genomics have increased our understanding of how evolution works." Nonetheless, evolution remains a politically, if not scientifically, controversial issue.

Weis said that this year alone, seven states have had either local or statewide efforts to water down the teaching of evolution, or "balance" it with the teaching of creationism—a religious belief that different species were created separately by a higher power, such as God. "Rarely does anyone now use the word ' creationism, ' because that's too obvious," Weis said. "The current terminology is ' intelligent design. ' "

According to the first paragraph, which of the following statements about the theory or evolution is true?

A.Government entities support AIBS's effort to defend the theory of evolution.

B.School boards oppose AIBS's effort to defend the theory of evolution.

C.AIBS and school boards advocate the teaching of the theory of evolution.

D.The theory of evolution and that of creationism co-exist peacefully in schools.


Which one of the following is NOT the reason for an overall lack of teaching Darwin's theory?

A.Teaching of creationism diminishes teaching of evolution.

B.Teachers are not required to teach Darwin's theory.

C.teachers often leave out the teaching of evolution.

D.Darwin's theory is denied as the central theory of biology.


According to Weis in the 5th paragraph, the theory of evolution ______.

A.is fundamental to the development of modem genetics, molecular biology and geonomics

B.is a political issue

C.is based on genetics, molecular biology and geonomics

D.has increased our understanding of human health


PAGE 2 of NUMPAGES 50GCE subject OCR 2007Support MaterialGCE BiologyOCR Advanced GCE in Biology: H421Unit: F214This Support Material booklet is designed to accompany the OCR Advanced GCE specification in Biology for teaching from September 2008. PAGE 2 of 50GCE BiologyContents TOC t Heading1,1 Contents PAGEREF _Toc178493265 h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc178493266 h 3Scheme of Work - Biology : H421 : F2145Lesson Plan - Biology : H421 : F21442Other forms of Support48 PAGE 4 of 50GCE BiologyIntroductionBackgroundA new structure of assessment for A Level has been introduced, for first teaching from September 2008. Some of the changes include:The introduction of stretch and challenge (including the new A* grade at A2) to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potentialThe reduction or removal of coursework components for many qualifications to lessen the volume of marking for teachersA reduction in the number of units for many qualifications to lessen the amount of assessment for learnersAmendments to the content of specifications to ensure that content is up-to-date and relevant.OCR has produced an overview document, which summarises the changes to Biology. This can be found at , along with the new specification.In order to help you plan effectively for the implementation of the new specification we have produced this Scheme of Work and Sample Lesson Plans for Biology. These Support Materials are designed for guidance only and play a secondary role to the Specification. Our EthosAll our Support Materials were produced by teachers for teachers in order to capture real life current teaching practices and they are based around OCRs revised specifications. The aim is for the support materials to inspire teachers and facilitate different ideas and teaching practices.In some cases, where the Support Materials have been produced by an active teacher, the centre logo can be seen in the top right hand cornerEach Scheme of Work and set of sample Lesson Plans is provided in:PDF format for immediate useWord format so that you can use it as a foundation to build upon and amend the content to suit your teaching style and students needs.The Scheme of Work and sample Lesson plans provide examples of how to teach this unit and the teaching hours are suggestions only. Some or all of it may be applicable to your teaching. The Specification is the document on which assessment is based and specifies what content and skills need to be covered in delivering the course. At all times, therefore, this Support Material booklet should be read in conjunction with the Specification. If clarification on a particular point is sought then that clarification 、should be found in the Specification itself.A Guided Tour through the Scheme of Work= Innovative Teaching IdeaThis icon is used to highlight exceptionally innovative ideas.= Stretch & Challenge Activity This icon is added at the end of text when there is an explicit opportunity to offerStretch and C、hallenge.= ICT Opportunity This icon is used to illustrate when an activity could be taught using ICT facilities.= Innovative teaching idea= Stretch and challenge opportunity idea= ICT opportunity PAGE 46 of NUMPAGES 55GCE Biology= Innovative teaching idea= Stretch and challenge opportunity idea= IC

—Which direction were you heading — ()

A、No direction.

B、I was heading from east to west.

C、I won't answer you.


Tina has been teaching here ( ) September 2009 till now.






I take chemistry and biology because I need ( ) to get into medical school.






正确描述创建一个一级居中标题的句法是______。A.Heading Text</HO>B.


A.<HO ALIGN=CENTER>Heading Text</HO>

B.<H1 ALIGN=CENTER>Heading Text</H1>

C.<H ALIGN=CENTER>Heading Text</H>

D.<HT ALIGN=CENTER>Heading Text</HT>


A language lesson plan usually has the following components except _____.

A.teaching steps
B.teaching aims
C.language contents and skills
D.teaching institution



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考题 I will take up teaching this September.A: start B: get off C: capture D: pick up答案:A解析:句意:从今年9月起我将开始教书。四个选项中,B. get off的意思是“下车、脱下”;C. capture的意思是“捕获、俘获”;D. pick up的意思是“检起、看到”;A. start的意思是“开始”,题目中画线部分的意思是“开始从事”,因此A选项符合题意。

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考题 单选题To: StevenFrom: EricThe publicity leaflets for the conference will not be back from the printers until next Monday 23 September.A We might have the leaflets before 23 September.B We are sure to have the leaflets before 23 September.C We won’t have the leaflets before 23 September.正确答案:A解析:题意:下周一(9月23日)印刷商才能送来大会的宣传品。题干中出现了not…until…句型,指“到…才…”。由此可知直到9月23日我们才能拿到宣传。因此选项C“在9月23日之前我们拿不到宣传品”符合题意。

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考题 下列的HTML中哪个是最大的标题? ()A、<h6>  B、<head>  C、<heading>  D、<h1>正确答案:D

考题 单选题Henry looked very much______when he was caught cheating in the biology exam.A discouragedB embarrassedC disappointedD bewildered正确答案:A解析:

考题 填空题Syllabus determines teaching aims, objectives, contents and().正确答案:methods解析:暂无解析

考题 This is an idea based on a faulty understanding of biology.A:wrong B:ambiguous C:unclear D:unbelievable答案:A解析:本句意思:这个想法建立在对生物学的错误的理解之上。wrong的意思为“错误的,不正 确的”;ambiguous的意思为“模棱两可的,模糊不清的”;unclear的意思为“不清楚的”;unbeliev- able的意思为“不可思议的”。faulty的意思为“有错误的,有毛病的气,和wrong的意思接近。

考题 A language lesson plan usually has the following components except _____.A. teaching steps B.teaching aims C.language contents and skills D.teaching institution答案:D解析:一个语言教学课的教案一般包含以下几个方面:背景知识、教学目标、语言教学内容和教学技巧、教学阶段和教学流程、教具、作业和教学反思。综上,D选项正确。 故正确答案为D项。