—We need to a time to have a talk,now!

—What about tomorrow?I am too busy today.

A.put up B.fix up C.use up D.look up


188. Is it difficult for you to get up in the morning? Do you sometimes oversleep? Are you often late for work or school? Yes? Then Hiroyuki Sugiyama of Japan has a special bed for you. Hiroyuki’s bed will get you up in the morning! Here is how it works: The bed is connected to an alarm clock. First, the alarm clock rings. You have a few minutes to wake up. Next, a tape recorder in the bed plays soft music or other pleasant sounds. A few minutes later, a second recording plays. The second recording can be loud music or unpleasant sounds. If you don’t get up after the second recording, you’ll be sorry. A mechanical “foot” is in the bed. The mechanical foot kicks you in the head. Then the bed waits a few more minutes. What! You’re still in bed! Slowly, the top of the bed rises higher and higher. The foot of the bed goes lower and lower. Finally, the bed is vertical. You slide off the bed and onto the floor. You are awake and out of bed. Hiroyuki made his bed because he wanted to win a contest. He works for Honda Motor Company. Once every two years, Honda has a contest—the “All Honda Idea Contest”. In 1996 Hiroyuki won a prize for his bed. [共5题]

(1) The purpose of the passage is ________.

(A) to praise Hiroyuki

(B) to tell a story

(C) to introduce a special bed

(D) to wake somebody up

(2) What does the special bed do first in the morning?

(A) Its tape recorder plays soft music.

(B) Its tape recorder plays loud music.

(C) It kicks you in the head.

(D) Its alarm clock rings.

(3) If you don’t wake up after the clock rings, what will happen?

(A) The bed becomes vertical and you slide off the bed.

(B) The tape recorder plays pleasant sounds.

(C) You will be late for work.

(D) The mechanical “foot” kicks you in the head.

(4) Hiroyuki made such a special bed because ________.

(A) he wanted to win the contest held by his company.

(B) he was good at inventing new things.

(C) he wanted to make money.

(D) he sometimes overslept.

(5) Who is Hiroyuki?

(A) A scientist. (B) A company worker. (C) An inventor. (D) A carpenter.

正确答案:C A D A B

Get up! Mary. Tom has () called you three times this morning.





- We are going to have a singing party tonight. Would you like to join us?- ________

A.I'm afraid not, because I have to go to an important meeting.

B.Of course not. I have no ide

C.No, I can't.

D.That's all set.


听力原文:M: Well, madam, the first and the most important thing I have to tell you is that there is really nothing seriously wrong with you, physically that is. The analyst' s report shows that basically you are very fit.

W: So, why is it that I' m always so nervous... tense... ready to jump on anybody-my husband, children, and colleagues? M: I think your condition has a lot to do with your habits.

W: Habits?

M: Yes... now tell me, madam, you smoke, don't you?

W: Yes, I'm afraid I do, doctor.

M: And, very heavily, I imagine.

W: Yes, quite heavily.

M: What do you eat normally?

W: I' m a good eater. Yes, I' d say I'm a good eater. But usually, I don't eat breakfast.

M: That' s bad for your health. I think you should get up early and have breakfast. And, another question, do you get up early?

W: No, I usually get up at 9: 00 a. m. I get up late because I go to bed too late. I stay up late watching TV till the midnight.

M: What sport do you usually do?

W: I don't like sports. But sometimes I play cards with some friends, that may be my sport.

M: I think, madam, for your health, you' d better change your way of life.

The patient, according to the analyst' s report, is

A.physically ill.

B.mentally ill.




单项选择1、Dont _late, Mary. You have a singing competition tomorrow morning.Ok, dad, Ill go to bed right now.Adress up Bgrow up Cstay up Dmix up2、-Linda is not coming for the party tonight. -But she _.ApromisesBpromisedCwill promiseDhad promised3、Are you clear about the job of a policeman, Ben?Yes, to keep people _ and the society in good order.AbusyBsafeCluckyDhealthy4、Be quiet, please. There a basketball game between our class and Class 8.Ahas Bis going to be Cwill have Dis going to have5、-_do you brush your teeth?-Twice or more a day.AHow soon BHow far CHow long DHow often6、He remembered _ the windows, but theyre open now.AclosedBcloseCclosingDto close7、You _ only use red paper for hongbao because red means luck.AmustBcanCcouldDneed8、The accident happened _ the night of March 12.AonBfromCin9、Guan Dong saved an old lady out of the Yangtze River. great courage he showed!AWhat aBWhatCHow aDHow10、 You made _ same mistake again. You missed _ “l” here.- Oh, sorry. Ill correct it right now.Aa, theBthe, theCthe, aDthe, an. 完形填空11、Nowadays many people enjoy 1 things, especially young people. In the school, waste can 2 everywhere. Some students ask for 3 food than they can eat and others often forgetto turn off the lights 4 they leave the classroom. Waste can bring a lot of problems. Someone 5 China is rich in some resources, such as coal, oil, trees and so on. They even say “ 6 rich our country is!” But actually, we 7 no coal or oil to use in 100 years if we go on wasting. We really feel 8 about what we can use in the future. I dont know 9 we can go on living without these resources. Think about it 10 I think we should say “no” to the students 11 waste things every day. And we should help do something good to the environment.In our daily life, we can do things 12 waste from happening, for example, we should turn off taps after using it. Dont throw the used paper 13 we can recycle it. Lets start out smallfrom now on. Little 14 little, everything will be changed. Waste can be stopped one day if we do 15 best. The nature will be more harmonious and our country will become more and more beautiful.1Awaste Bwasting Cto waste Dto wasting2Abe seeing Bare seen Csee Dbe seen3Amore Bmany Cmuch Dmost4Aafter Bbefore Csince Dwhether5Asay Bbe said Csays Dis saying6AHow BHow a CWhat DWhat a7Ahave Bhas Chad Dwill have8Aworry Bworries Cworried Dworriedly9Awhat Bwhen Cthat Dhow10Acare Bcarefulness Ccarefully Dcareful11Awho Bwhat Cwhere Dwhich12Astop Bto stop Cstopping Dstopped1、3Abecause Balthough CUntil Dif14Ain Bon Cby Dwith15Awe Bus Cour Dours. 语法填空12、阅读下面短文,在空白处填入适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式每空不超过3个单词A young man1 (travel) through a desert when he came across a spring of clear waterThe water was sweetHe filled his leather bag so that he could bring some back to 2 elder,who had been 、his teacherAfter a journey of four 3 (day),the young man finally 4 (bring) the water to himThe teacher took a deep drink,smiled 5 (warm),and thanked his student very much for the sweet waterThe young man went home6a happy heartAfter the student left,the teacher let another student taste the waterHe

John: Let's go fishing tomorrow. I'll wake you up at 4:00 a. m.

Rose: ______


    60.答案为E  首先应读懂上文,后进行逻辑推理、选择填充词句。上文意为“明天我们去钓鱼吧。明天早上4点我叫醒你。”所填充的词句意为“太早了。”

Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just ______ sweet dreams.

A.keep up with

B.put up with

C.end up with

D.catch up with


______ the children have cleaned up, you can let them go.

A、Prior to

B、Now that

C、But then

D、In total


If you feel a chill when you are ( ) a cold, you are already sick.

A、coming up with

B、coming up over

C、coming down with

D、coming down over


–What‘s up? – ()

A.The box is up.

B.I lost my wallet.

C.It‘s up to you.

D.It‘s all right.


更多 “忻州市重点中学20222023学年英语九上精选试题” 相关考题
考题 Simon: Are you coming to my birthday party tomorrow?Gary;______, but I have to finish my term paper first.正确答案:H 60.H

考题 单选题Smell the flowers before you go to sleep,and you may just ______ sweet dreams.A keep up withB put up withC end up withD catch up with正确答案:C解析:句意:睡前闻花香,你会做美梦。end up with以…结束。keep up with赶上,不落后。put up with忍受,容忍。catch up with赶上。句中表示结果,应用end up with。故答案是C项。

考题 Hurry up,()you’ll be late.A、butB、andC、or正确答案:C

考题 Is there anything serious, doctor? ()AI‘m going to have another check-up.BThe results of the blood test are wrong.CNo. Just stay in bed and drink more water.DYes. You can go home tomorrow.C略

考题 We are going to have a singing party tonight. Would you like to join us?()AI'm afraid not, because I have to go to an important meeting.BOf course not. I have no idea. CNo, I can't.DThat's all set.A略

考题 Bob: Would you like a cigarette?Jason: No, thank you. I've given up smoking. Bob:_______A、Ok.Go ahead and do itB、All right.Take care.C、Well,you don't mind if I have one,do you?D、Sorry,have another one then.参考答案:C

考题 单选题Peter: Shall we go out again tomorrow?  Barbara: ______  Peter: I’ll come round at 8 o’clock to pick you up.  Barbara: All right. I’ll see you thenA Oh yes. That would be great.B I’d like to, but my sister’s coming to see me.C OK. Where shall we go?D Tomorrow? Let me think about it and give you my answer tomorrow morning.正确答案:B解析:从Peter的回答可知,Barbara同意明天出去,选项A符合语境。

考题 45.—We have to get up at 7 : 15 tomorrow morning.—Yes.__________we will be late for the 7 : 40 train.A.before 'B.orC.ifD.so正确答案:B45.B【解析】句意:明早我们必须7:15起床,是的,不然就赶不上7: 40的火车了。此句相当于If we don,t get up at 7 1 15 tomorrow morning,we will be late for the 7:40 train.根据题意选B。

考题 单选题Would you mind if I turned the radio up?()A Yes, please. B No, go right ahead. C No, thank you. D Yes, that's all right正确答案:C解析:暂无解析

考题 At a party or social occasions, how would you indicate that it was time for you to leave someone's house?A、I would say, "It's getting late and I'd better be going."B、I would say, "I'm sorry. I have to leave now."C、I would wait until the host said something.D、I would make up an excuse (e.g. I have to get up early tomorrow, etc.) and thank the hosts.参考答案:A